There’s been a plane crash

and I am one of the survivors

who make camps on a sheet of ice,

Antarctica perhaps.


There is a perfect circle cut in the snow.

I fall in thinking this is cold but it’s okay

but then suddenly I am being sucked

down and down at great speed

and it’s freezing but I’m thinking

I’ll just go with it when suddenly

it occurs to me but what about my little boy,

this is far too cold for him.


So I start desperately trying to swim back up,

it’s the most enormous effort

and then I realise I’m under the ice

and I need to find the hole if I’m to get out.


I hear someone talking on the phone

and I’m filled with rage because why

are they talking about me as if I’m not there

when I’m right here only I can’t open my eyes.


I wake with the most disturbing feeling

that this has not been a dream,

this actually happened to me

on an operating table in a hospital

where I came back from a place

that was colder than anywhere I’ve ever known.



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