I have not felt lighter

so am doubtful when she says

it will give you a greater sense

of balance before slipping

the silicon into a white bra

and helping me with the straps

with that professional kindness

I have come to appreciate so much.

A kindness that says this is weird for you

but I do this every day for so many women

and it will be alright.  Just a tug here

and a checking they’re straight

and no one will ever be able to tell

you went under the knife.


As I stare into the mirror,

I realise she’s right.  I do feel

as if an absence I wasn’t even aware of

has been corrected.  I step out

into the deep blue

of this glorious Indian summer,

filled with a sudden lightness

as if I could walk on water,

sprout miracle wings,

soar up into the September sunshine

and sing of my new found equilibrium.


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